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How do I change my submitted application?

To monitor your application status and payment records, simply login at:

How do I change my submitted application?

Any changes or updates are processed by our customer service team. If you wish to change your loan amount, tenor or personal information, please call email cs@credithero.xyz or +852 2366 6398

How much can I borrow? For how long?

CREDIT HERO provides loan amounts between $5,000 and $600,000. You can set your own repayment schedule from 3 months up to 48 months. Your maximum loan amount is determined by your personal background, including credit score, monthly income, occupation and financial situation.

How does the loan application and verification process work?

1. Instant apply and Account register
2. Apply online
3. Bank API connect (Salary bank account) or Upload documents
4. Instant approval
5. Verification and disbursement

Requested documents

(A) A copy of your HKID with selfie photo "detail";
(B) BANK API connect (Salary bank account) or Income proof (latest 2 months)
(C) Residential address proof (within 3 months, e.g. water/electricity/gas/mobile phone bill or bank correspondence)
(D) BANK API connect (Salary bank account) or Bank account proof (Includes bank name, bank account number
(E) Business Name Card, Staff Card or Student ID

Your loan application and approval process for our loan service is as follows:

1. Fill in the online application form.
2. Bank API connect (Salary bank account).
3. You will receive our results via email and SMS.
4. Successful applicants can login to CREDIT HERO and you will receive an email and SMS notifying you to verify your identity through our website.
5. Upon identity confirmation, your approved loan amount will be instantly disbursed into your designated bank account.
6. Print and sign our Direct Debit Authorization Form, then mail it to Credit Hero Limited, 8/F, MW Tower, 111 Bonham Strand, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong

Borrower Eligibility

Who is eligible to borrow from CREDIT HERO and what are the requirements?

To borrow you must be a Hong Kong permanent resident with at least 18 years of age who meets the following requirements:
Stable employment: You must be at your current job for at least two months
Ability to repay: We require a minimum income of $9,000/month
You must submit the following documents during the application process:
(A) A copy of your HKID with selfie photo "detail"
(B) BANK API connect (Salary bank account) or Income proof (latest 2 months)
(C) Residential address proof (within 3 months, e.g. water/electricity/gas/mobile phone bill or bank correspondence)
(D) BANK API connect (Salary bank account) or Bank account proof (Includes bank name, bank account number)
Fixed Salary: latest 2 months
Commission based Salary: latest 3 months

Here are the document submission methods:
Login to CREDIT HERO online platform/website login page) and upload documents
Email: doc@credithero.xyz
WhatsApp: +852 6696 9186

If I am currently or have previously filed for bankruptcy, can I still apply for a loan?

We evaluate applications based on a complete analysis of your financial situation, including your income stability, repayment records, financial score and other details. We evaluate situations on a case by case basis and may exempt certain requirements. If you have any question please send us email cs@credithero.xyz or tel: +852 2366 6398.

Verification and Disbursement

How long does the approval process take?

If your online loan application is completed, we will respond instantly with your preliminary approval results. The actual time needed will depend on your application amount, credit report, submission of supporting documents etc.

Why has my application been rejected or my loan amount changed? Is there any way to improve my loan application?

We evaluate your credit score based on the credit report. If your current credit score falls short of our company’s requirements, we may reject your loan application. To improve your credit score and loan application, you may follow these simple steps:
(A) Obtain a copy of your credit report, and look for areas you can improve to build a better credit history.
(B) Try to reduce and restructure your existing debt.
(C) Keep building and persisting on your financial goals. This will improve our evaluation of your future loan application, and strengthen your repayment ability on your profile.
We are highly encourage you to re-apply for a loan with us once your credit score improves.

How long does it take for my loan to be deposited into my disbursement account?

If customer verification is completed and your loan agreement is signed, your disbursement will be transferred to your account within the *1 minute or same day. If the loan is used for settling outstanding debt from other financial institutions (FIs), the amount will be transferred to the FI’s designated account within same day. However, please note that the actual receipt time will depend on each FI’s internal arrangement.
*Payment via FPS

Rates and Fees

What does effective rate mean?

Effective rate is a reference rate calculated based on an annualized interest methodology (a combination of lending rates and other fees and charges). Effective rate is based on the definition as outlined in Money Lenders Ordinance and is calculated using a standardized annualized interest method which is used across the entire lending industry by other financial institutions.

What fees does CREDIT HERO charge? Are there hidden fees?

CREDIT HERO charge a handling fee that is recognized as part of the loan interest. There are no other hidden fees.

Can I redeem my loan early?

Yes, you can pay off your loan early, no additional fees will be charged.

Repaying Your Loan

What happens if I have late repayment?

We do not charge any late repayment interest penalties, however $320 service fee will be charged for each late repayment. We will notify you of any late repayments through email or SMS. Please be reminded that late repayments will affect your credit history. If we do not receive any response or payment from you continuously, we will instruct our solicitor’s firm to commence legal action. All legal fees and administrative fees shall be borne by you. We reserve the right to revise the administrative fees from time to time by giving prior notice to you. Defaulting on a loan will adversely affect your credit history. If you are undergoing any financial difficulty, please feel free to contact us about your financial situation.

How does the repayment process work?

The repayment date is set 2-5 working day after your payroll date. Please ensure there is a sufficient balance in your account.
(A) All customers must set up Direct Debit Authorization to authorize us debit repayment from your account.
(B) To set up Direct Debit Authorization, login to your account on www.credithero.xyz to download the Direct Debit Authorization form. Simply print, sign and send the form back to us and we will take care of the rest. We will notify you via SMS when the Direct Debit Authorization is set up with your designated bank account. It’s that easy.

What are the procedures for early settling my loan?

If you would like to fully settle your loan ahead of schedule, you will need to notify us at least 30 days in advance (before the next repayment date) through WhatsApp +852 6696 9186 or through email cs@credithero.xyz regarding your request.

Manage Your Account

How can I update my personal information?

For any of these changes and update, please contact us by WhatsApp +852 6696 9186 or by email cs@credithero.xyz

How can I stop receiving promotional SMSs/emails?

Please contact us by email cs@credithero.xyz to request for stop receiving promotional SMSs/emails and provide your email address or mobile phone number.

Where can I check my repayment transactions and repayment due dates?

To check your loan and repayment information, please login https://credithero.xyz/clients/new

How to delete the connected bank account in my loan application?

For any of these changes and update, please contact us by email cs@credithero.xyz

Technical Difficulties and Security

Is my personal information kept safe and confidential in CREDIT HERO online lending platform?

We have multiple safety firewalls via AES-256 encryption and privacy procedures established to ensure the utmost security to your shared information. For more details on our privacy policy: https://credithero.xyz/terms/privacy_policy

Why am I unable to access certain pages of the website?

To protect your privacy, please download the latest Chrome, Firefox or Safari browser. If your current browser only supports “SSL Encryption 40Bit” or “SSL Encryption 56Bit”, you will be unable to browse our website.

Understanding Your Credit

How does evaluate applicant's credit score?

We evaluate your credit score with reference to credit report.

How to calculate my repayment amount?

Monthly principal + Monthly interest = Monthly total repayment amount.

Money Lender's License:1416/2020

The information listed on this website is for reference only and will be updated from time to time. Should you have any queries, please email us cs@credithero.xyz

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